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Achieving Closed-Loop Additive Manufacturing Quality Control with Real-Time Monitoring and Analytics

Join Us for This On-Demand Webinar

Register to learn how to achieve part qualification and control the QA process in real-time to improve robustness and repeatability.

Topics covered:

– The benefits of AM closed-loop processing
– Current challenges in real-time AM quality control
– A demonstration of closed-loop processing in action
– Let the data speak: Before and after results
– About Materialise Control Platform (MCP)
– About Sigma Labs’ PrintRite3D
– Q&A

By attending this virtual event, you will learn how to:

1. Identify methodologies to correct quality issues in real-time.
2. Gain more control over the entire AM process cycle.
3. Achieve in-build closed-loop correction.
4. Improve productivity while reducing scrap rates.
5. Reduce your hardware footprint.
6. Understand the results with and without closed-loop control.
7. Engage with Sigma Labs and Materialise to utilize this technology, or join in creating future advancements.

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