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AM Quality Trends Report – July 2022 Newsletter

Dear Colleague,

We hope that your summer is going well and if you are (hopefully) taking a vacation, that your travels are as smooth and painless as possible. Our staff is hard at work creating the next generation of in-process quality assurance software. More to come on this in the next few monthly issues.

ASTM Qualification and Certification Event

Sigma’s CTO, Darren Beckett, recently spoke to an attentive audience at the ASTM Additive Manufacturing Center of Excellence Workshop on In-Situ Technology Readiness for Applications in AM Qualification and Certification. Darren’s talk was titled, Towards a Quality Continuum of Monitoring and Analytics that Enables AM Part Qualification, and covered topics like: Multi-laser Interaction Detection; Modeling & Topology Optimization Study using Thermal In-Situ Data; and Materials Process Qualification Methodology.

AM Industry Summit Interview

View this great video of Sigma’s Tyson Gregory, from the AM Industry Summit, powered by ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). Adam Penna, Senior Manager of Digital Content Strategy at Metrix, an ASME Company, conducted the interview where Tyson shares news about what we are doing at Sigma Additive Solutions as well as the latest in-process quality assurance techniques.

Our New OEM Network Partner

We are thrilled to welcome amace solutions to our OEM partner network. As Sigma CEO Jacob Brunsberg, stated, “Coming out of the largest machine tool conglomerate in India, amace is a quality addition to the Sigma OEM network family. We have a great deal of respect for their approach to technology and additive production. Most important, the team at amace shares our passion to improve machine, process and part health, while enabling cost-effective, high-volume production.


The fact that amace utilizes the Materialise Control Platform (MCP) is also a plus given our recent announcement that we are working with Materialise to allow users to identify and correct metal build issues in real-time via a closed-loop control process.”

Connected Additive Manufacturing Workflow Video

You won’t see this on Netflix but here is an informative video worth watching – a replay of the AMUG conference session conducted by our CEO, Jacob Brunsberg and Sven Hinrichs, Head of Technology Consulting at AMFG. Sven and Jacob’s topic was Connected Additive Manufacturing Workflow – From Powder to Part and these two industry veterans discussed the criticality of actionable data insights. They showed how to utilize interconnected sensors to provide reliability and integrity in production settings across OEM agnostic manufacturing equipment. You can view the replay here:

Whatever role you play in your organization and the industry, our Sigma Additive Solutions team intends to support you in every way possible. Contact us if we can help you in any way or to learn more about Sigma Additive Solutions.


The Sigma Additive Solutions Team

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