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AM Quality Trends Report – June 2022 Newsletter

Sigma Additive Solutions Announcement

This has been a busy month for Sigma Additive Solutions. In case you missed the announcement, you may still think of us as Sigma Labs. But the addition of the term “Solutions” in our name fits our mission and how we are serving our customers and OEM partners while helping to boost growth in the additive manufacturing industry.

Connected AM Workflow

From Powder to Part – The Connected Additive Manufacturing Workflow

Two great videos came out of the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG 22) conference. The first is a replay of a session conducted by our CEO, Jacob Brunsberg and Sven Hinrichs, Head of Technology Consulting at AMFG. Sven and Jacob presented Connected Additive Manufacturing Workflow – From Powder to Part and discussed the criticality of actionable data insights. They showed how to utilize interconnected sensors to provide reliability and integrity in production settings across OEM agnostic manufacturing equipment. You can view the replay here:

Machine, Process, Part – a Framework for Qualification & Certification

Video two is titled Machine Process Part – a Framework for Qualification & Certification. Sigma’s Alex Benham presented this session to an enthusiastic audience at AMUG. Alex talked about certification and qualification relating to in-process data and how it influences quality in three key domains: Machine, Process, and Part. He also covered:

  • How integrated sensor data yields superior quality in every category.
  • Off-axis, powder bed imagery, and on-axis meltpool monitoring.
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) quality assurance methods.
  • Economics of early intervention and accelerated part qualification.
  • Integration and dashboard visualization of key evaluation metrics.
TechSHIFT Podcast Episode 4

Automating Additive Qualification: Scaling with a Purpose in 3D Production

If you are more into listening than viewing, you will enjoy the podcast where Jacob Brunsberg was interviewed by Dillan Drake, Phillips Federal, on his TechSHIFT Podcast. The episode is titled Automating Additive Qualification: Scaling with a Purpose in 3D Production, and we discuss the importance of automating additive qualification in production and why this changes everything.

And if you prefer a quick summary, read Jacob’s blog article here.

Whatever role you play in your organization and the industry, our Sigma Additive Solutions team intends to support you in every way possible. Contact us if we can help you in any way or to learn more about Sigma Additive Solutions.


The Sigma Additive Solutions Team

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