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Object Printed On Metal 3d Printer That Used Radical Collaboration

April 2023 AM Trends Newsletter

Dear Colleague,

Spring is off to a great start with new collaborations and catching up with many of you at AMUG. We’re looking forward to a season of growth and connection. If you’re headed to RAPID + TCT next month, we hope to see you there. In the meantime, here’s some of our highlights from recent days.

Process Health Module

6 Reasons Why Process Health Matters

An overwhelming majority of failures in additive manufacturing happen in plain sight…if anyone was watching. However, operators cannot watch every minute of the entire build process every single time.

That’s a problem that Sigma Additive Solutions has been solving for more than a decade; how to keep a reliable, and constant “eye” on the manufacturing process which can alert an operator when problems arise. Our latest answer to this problem is the PrintRite3D® Process Health Module.

Using a visible or thermal camera, Process Health watches the build plane, the powder spread of the recoat, and the result of laser exposure. Image recognition-based machine learning then judges the process, constantly comparing it to a known baseline. If it is deviating from the baseline, it immediately sends a real-time alert.

With application capabilities that extend beyond AM into many different manufacturing types, Process Health is a welcome addition to a wide variety of environments.

Sound interesting? Our own Alex Benham just posted this article about Sigma’s latest product–the PrintRite3D Process Health Module. Read the article.

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Sigma and Materialise Partnership

Sigma Additive Solutions and Materialise Deepen Collaboration Enabling Real-Time Process Monitoring for Metal 3D Printing with CO-AM Integration

Sigma and Materialise collaborated to integrate PrintRite3D into Process Control by adding it to CO-AMMES (CO-AM), Materialise’s end-to-end software platform for 3D printing. Sigma’s PrintRite3D suite enables users to find the root cause of defects faster by providing in-process data, including thermal data from the melt pool, to yield enlightening layer data.

Combining multiple complementary data sources and analytic methods allows businesses to make faster, data-driven decisions, improving operational efficiency and driving revenue growth. 

Read the announcement.

Overcome and Mitigate Defective Parts to Achieve Manufacturing Repeatability and Accelerate R&D Parameter Development

We hope you were able to attend this important presentation at AMUG!

AM waste and rework due to part defects account for 30-70% of a part’s cost. Process QC enables manufacturers to start quality control during the 3D printing process so that  users can identify and mitigate defective parts before they are sent to post-processing.

We are proud of our long-standing collaboration with Materialise – before around their MCP controller, and now around CO-AM. Our Meltpool System is a great addition to the Materialise offerings on CO-AM. Through these critical collaborations, AM users benefit from a technology-agnostic innovation that offers unparalleled insights into their 3D printing process. With this data, our customers can continuously learn how to save significant time and money.

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Rapid + TCT logo

On to RAPID + TCT, May 2-4, 2023

Our Sigma team will be at the RAPID + TCT Conference May 2-4 at the McCormick Place convention center in Chicago, IL. As a sponsor, we’ll be in booth 4651 where we’ll be showcasing our PrintRite3D solution and how it contributes to machine, process and part health.

Joining us in our booth is our partner, Novanta. We will be demonstrating the first fully-integrated scan head with built-in quality assurance.

Novanta’s Firefly3D scan head brings monitoring into the optical train as a standard, enabling Sigma’s data analytics and quality assurance software. You can see a Firefly3D scan head with monitoring at our booth or learn more here.

Be sure to stop by and visit us!

For more information about any of these opportunities, or if we can assist you in any way, please contact us at

Sigma Additive Solutions, Inc.


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