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Sigma Labs is Now Operating as

Sigma Additive Solutions

Help us celebrate the journey!


Prototype → Production

Laboratory-based → Solution-based

Licensed pricing model → Easy subscription model

3D metals → 3D metals plus polymers

Single point solution → Tightly-integrated with OEM and MES providers

Licensed pricing model
3D metals
Single point solution
Easy subscription model
3D metals plus polymers
Tightly-integrated with OEM and MES providers
As of May 17, 2022, Sigma Labs
will begin operating as
Sigma Additive Solutions.

This is an important milestone in our company’s evolution and we’d love to share the story with you.

The Sigma Additive Solutions name reflects the evolution of the Company from its origins as a laboratory engaged in research and development of 3D metal printing technology – into a solutions provider focused on helping its customers and OEM partner providers use a standard set of patented quality metrics across 3D printers from different manufacturers, using different processes, for both metal and polymer parts.

This is in line with our recent announcements:

✓ Product updates focused on faster part qualification, automated workflow, certified reports and audits, and an integrated end-to-end process.
✓ Relationships and product integration with significant 3D metal printing OEM providers, including DMG MORI, Additive Industries and Aconity3D.
✓ Technical Integration with major additive software and manufacturing execution systems (MES) providers including AMFG and Sentient Science.
✓ Participation with leading standards organizations and committees, including ASTM Committee E07 (non-destructive testing, NIST temperature monitoring calibration standard), and Auburn University National Center for Additive Manufacturing.
✓ Expansion into the federal government and related marketplace through an agreement naming Phillips Federal as Sigma’s sole federal reseller.
✓ The development, along with Materialise Solutions, of a technology to advance metal additive manufacturing (AM) with a platform to identify and address process and quality issues in real time.

“The name Sigma Additive Solutions clearly conveys the way we are addressing three major market imperatives. First, the emergence of AM standards across materials, platforms and processes; second, the way industry vendors, across the AM quality continuum – including point solutions and OEMs – are collaborating to open their systems; and third, Sigma’s initiatives to lower our customers’ barriers to entry, including a subscription pricing option, software-only model, and focus on embedded OEM functionality.”

The AM Quality Standard

Our evolution is in line with what organizations like the World Economic Forum, White House and Forbes have said about the critical importance and growth trajectory of the additive manufacturing industry. Quality standards and part qualification are essential to this growth and as our tag line states: Sigma Additive Solutions is now, and intends to remain, The AM Quality Standard.

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