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On Demand Webinar:

Improve Your AM Quality & Economics: Proven Best Practices from Industry Experts

A presentation with AM experts John Barnes, Dr. Richard Grylls, and Scott Hill

Whatever your role in additive manufacturing (AM), you no doubt have an interest in improving the quality, efficiency and economics of 3D metal printing. That’s why we put together three top experts to share their proven strategies and tactics to help you get the most out of your AM initiatives.

Specifically, we cover:
  • Pros and cons of in-process vs. post-process testing.
  • Methods to achieve better 3D metal economics (ROI).
  • How to reduce your cycle time when building new parts.
  • Process differences between regulated and non-regulated industries.
  • The impact of machine learning on closed-loop AM.
  • Overcoming barriers to achieve the next level of AM growth.
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