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Sigma Additive Solutions Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Network

Partner with Sigma to Increase Your Revenue, Technology Footprint, and Customer Satisfaction!

Sigma Additive Solutions, Inc. works closely with a number of independent software vendors (ISVs) involved in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, including those that support 3D metal and polymer applications at every stage of the development and production process. Our partners love PrintRite3D’s® quality monitoring and analytics solution and how it helps speed part qualification and improve machine, process, and part health. In combination with your own software technology, PrintRite3D can fill the gaps that prevent more companies from embracing AM solutions.

We love to partner with ISV companies:

  • Put our joint customers and the industry first.
  • Deliver synergy by helping us create joint solutions that are greater than either of us can produce individually.
  • Are complementary to our existing offerings.

Growing the AM Industry with Radical Collaboration

The Sigma Additive Solutions ISV “PrintRite3D Validated” Partner Program is a software licensing program that offers ISVs a convenient way to license PrintRite3D IPQA melt pool thermal monitoring and analytics and integrate into your additive software application.

This option is ideally suited for applications of ISVs whose users are designing for metal and/or polymer AM or utilizing specialty tools such as simulation, FEM/A, mesh modeling, CAD, CAM, lightweight structures, etc.

  • Additive manufacturing simulation
  • Additive manufacturing modeling
  • Melt pool thermal data is used to mature simulations and models
  • Improves model and simulation accuracy

PrintRite3D improves quality across AM materials and modalities. We support the full digital thread across the additive part journey to deliver more efficient, sustainable, and reliable builds.

Supporting the entire AM quality continuum


Your company should consider a partnership with Sigma Additive Solutions if you want to receive these benefits:

Accelerate innovation.

Our combined technologies can create synergies that neither company can create individually.

Expand your market reach

and gain access to new customers. We have a strong marketplace presence that we are happy to share with our ISV partners.

Deliver quality solutions faster.

There is no need for you to invest the large amount of time and finances necessary to create a monitoring or analytics solution on your own – with our ISV program you have access to the world’s leading AM quality solution.

Participate in joint marketing.

We have many opportunities available for joint awareness and lead generation.

Gain sales and technology support

from world-class experts in AM monitoring and analytics.

Revenue Options

Every ISV network partner is different in terms of its technology, target market, selling process and delivery methodology. We believe in creating round pegs for round solutions and will work with you to define optimal solutions and marketing/sales processes. Options include:

Just as with our OEM equipment partners, you can integrate Sigma technology into your existing solution as a software license or subscription that you sell, manage and own.

As an ISV network partner, you have the opportunity to expand your revenue by selling PrintRite3D as a separate offering in addition to your own, with support from Sigma.

In this scenario, each company sells its own solution and brings the other in when advisable. A finder’s fee is available to both companies to incentivize lead referrals.

Radical Collaboration
Radical Collaboration

Work with Us

Learn more about participation in the Sigma ISV network, please fill out the contact form or send an email to We look forward to exploring the opportunities with you.

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