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Machine Process Part – a Framework for Qualification & Certification

Achieving true scaled production is impossible without Qualification and Certification, which is a key part of the overall compliance and regulatory landscape. As a Quality objective, certification and qualification can be defined as the process of gathering and evaluating data to establish that a process can dependably output a product meeting all relevant standards, while also obtaining a statistical confidence level. In the AM industry, certification and qualification relating to in-process data boils down to quality in three key domains: Machine, Process, and Part. This presentation, based on Alex Benham’s session at AMUG 2022, covers:
  • How integrated sensor data yields superior quality in every category.
  • Data’s role in improving machine, process and part health.
  • Off-axis, powder bed imagery, and on-axis meltpool monitoring.
  • Non-destructive testing (NDT) quality assurance methods.
  • Economics of early intervention and accelerated part qualification.
  • Integration and dashboard visualization of key evaluation metrics.
  • Install, Operational and Performance Qualification: IQ + OQ + PQ
  • Reporting: regulatory record keeping.
  • PrintRite3D from Sigma Additive Solutions.

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