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Winning Metal AM QA Technology

2021 ASME Tech Forum Demonstrations

Learn about the newest techniques in achieving 3D metal quality assurance in three video demonstrations.

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In the demonstrations you will learn:

  1. Airfoil Workflow: Using an airfoil as a demonstration part, we show you how to pinpoint inconsistencies in your build and cover a handful of unintentional anomalies found in laser powder bed fusion. These anomalies are small and often go unnoticed but could have devastating consequences.
  2. The QA Features You’ve Been Asking For: Not only does PrintRite3D make it easy to find anomalies in the process data, but with the new release of 7.0, you can use added benefits such as production fleet optionality with machine-machine qualifications, mulita-laser system support, and much more. Note: This video was the ASME Best-in-Class AM Innovation Award winner.
  3. Machine Learning makes it EASY: Using PrintRite3D by Sigma Labs has always assisted your operation with reduction of scrap, streamlining processes, and reducing human time… now with machine learning, we make it easier and do it better!

Each video is only 10-12 minutes long, but all three are designed to show you the latest ideas and practical applications of additive manufacturing QA methods. Just hit the below download button and we’ll send you the link to all three videos!


Sigma Labs won the prestigious Best in Class Innovation Award for Measurement and Analysis.

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