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Novanta and Sigma Additive Solutions Pioneer

First Fully-Integrated Scan Head with Quality Assurance

Novanta’s Firefly3D scan head brings monitoring into the optical train as a standard, enabling Sigma’s data analytics and quality assurance software.

Integrated Firefly3D Solution

Novanta’s Firefly 3d, the next generation 3-axis scan head designed for Laser Powder Based Fusion (LPBF) machines enables OEMs instant access to process monitoring with Sigma’s analytics suite. In addition, our partnership provides end customers in the field, agnostic of the OEM, the ability to implement monitoring solutions across machine fleets without retrofits to optical trains.

This product brings an industry leading 200kHz data acquisition rate enabling the potential for closed- loop control and laser correction that Sigma’s technology has already demonstrated. The solution easily scales to add additional scan heads to OEM machine designs to attain the benefits of multi-scanner architectures up to 100% field overlap. Single, dual, quad, and multi-row setups boost machines’ productivity to mass produce high fidelity parts with the benefit of Sigma’s quality assurance solutions.

Features of the integrated solution:

  • Industry leading 200 kHz data acquisition
  • OEM implementation ready
  • Enables real time closed-loop laser correction
  • Multiheaded machine capability
  • Multiple wavelength melt pool monitoring
  • Seamlessly links to Sigma’s Machine, Process, and Part Health Modules for holistic quality assurance

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