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OEM Agreement Advances In-Process Melt-Pool Monitoring on Quad Laser Systems

One of the things people first associate with increasing productivity in Laser Powder Bed Fusion is increasing the number of lasers working at any one time. The full-field lasers on Additive Industries’ MetalFAB1 have many advantages as all lasers effectively work as one.

Find out in this video how Additive Industries provides the user the ability to control all these lasers exactly how you want while still ensuring quality, via Sigma Labs’ proprietary additive manufacturing software known as PrintRite3D® software technology.

Watch the video.

Sigma Labs’ new partnership with Additive Industries means improved quality assurance for the OEM’s MetalFAB1 printers. The two companies have completed the certification process designating MetalFAB1 printers are now PrintRite3D® additive manufacturing software ready!

Developing what is thought to be the first near real-time visualization of the build thermal history for a quad laser 3D metal printer required radical collaboration and innovation between the two companies’ engineering teams. The benefits to end users include reduced post-processing costs, less material waste, and faster part qualification. The companies will begin selling PrintRite3D® to new and existing users of MetalFAB1 3D printers.

“Our engineering teams have truly accomplished a remarkable milestone in 3D metal printing by designing and building a high performance computer platform that processes sensor data and produces a near real time visualization for a quad laser printer,” said Mark K. Ruport, CEO of Sigma Labs. “We are very pleased to be working with an industry leader such as Additive Industries to accelerate the industrialization of 3D metal printing. The MetalFAB1 is a remarkable printer and it’s a privilege to have it certified as PrintRite3D Ready.”

Read details about the new agreement.

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