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PrintRite3D Solutions Enable Users of 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing Systems to Improve Quality, Reduce Costs and Increase Throughput.
  • Real-time defect detection
  • OEM brand-independent
  • Third-party quality assurance
  • Single, dual, quad laser systems

The Sigma Additive Solutions' OEM & ISV Partner Programs

Sigma Additive Solutions are the experts in melt pool monitoring technology. This is 100% of what we do. You can focus on what you do best…build machines

We can help you deliver even greater value and maximize ROI for your clients

Our OEM Partner Program includes hardware, software, training, sales and marketing support.

Differentiate your system from your competitors. Align with the industry leader.

Maximize the return on investment for your clients

Build confidence among your sales teams by offering the most advanced technology together with your own systems and services

As a Sigma Additive Solutions Partner You Benefit From:

  • Special OEM pricing
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Technical and sales training
  • Implementation support
  • Joint marketing and co-branding initiatives
  • Patented IP and ability to enforce against competitors
  • Direct access to technical service and after-sales support

Supports your need for in-process quality assurance with industry-leading technology, tailored resources and services, and technical implementation to sales and service support.

Types of Licensing Programs Available

For Machine Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM)

Laser Powder Bed Fusion and Direct Energy Deposition Applications

  • Embedded non-optional license
  • Integrated optional license
  • Certified third-party partner: “PrintRite3D Ready”
For Machine Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

“PrintRite3D Validated”

Integrated Optional License

  • License only of Sigma PrintRite3D software
  • OEM sells machines with PrintRite3D as a factory supplied option to their customers
  • OEM procures hardware  to meet Sigma will provide hardware specification
  • OEM fully integrates hardware into existing machine
  • Sigma will train OEM for Level 1 sales and support; Sigma will provide Level 2 support.

Embedded Non-Optional License

  • License only of Sigma PrintRite3D software
  • OEM ships every machine with PrintRite3D embedded software– “Non-optional”
  • OEM procures hardware to meet Sigma provided hardware specification
  • OEM fully integrates hardware and software into existing machine
  • Sigma will train OEM for Level 1 sales and support; Sigma will provide Level 2 support

Certified Third Party Partner – “PrintRite3D Ready”

  • OEM “certifies” Sigma Additive Solutions PrintRite3D as a “Qualified Third-Party QA System”
  • OEM ships all machines “PrintRite3D ready”—Optics and electrical connections factory configured for plug and play installation of PrintRite3D
  • OEM sales team promotes Sigma PrintRite3D third party partnership
  • Sigma builds and delivers complete, stand-alone, PrintRite3D system for retrofit

Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

The Sigma Additive Solutions ISV “PrintRite3D Validated” Partner Program is a software licensing program that offers ISVs a convenient way to license PrintRite3D IPQA melt pool thermal monitoring and integrate into your additive software application.

This option is ideally suited for applications of ISVs whose users are designing for metal AM or utilizing specialty tools such as simulation, FEM/A, mesh modeling, CAD, CAM, lightweight structures, etc.

  • Additive manufacturing simulation
  • Additive manufacturing modeling
  • Melt pool thermal data is used to mature simulations and models
  • Improves model and simulation accuracy
Radical Collaboration Graphic
Try PrintRite3D on your part design.

Customized process and productivity improvements and a software trial program are available.

Customize your support package.

Sigma Additive Solutions includes a training, data analytics and support package to provide you confidence and error-free system operation. Extended support packages are available to ensure smooth ongoing systems operation.

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