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On-Demand Presentation:

Boosting Additive Manufacturing Quality, Economics and Efficiency with Monitoring, Alerts, and Diagnosis

How to achieve additive manufacturing quality economics and efficiency presentation
Join us for this online presentation about quality control issues in the additive manufacturing process and the PrintRite3D® solution.

Darren Beckett, CTO of Sigma Labs, discussed 3D metal printing quality, economics, and efficiency at the March 2021 ASME AM Industry Summit.

Organizations face challenges in realizing productivity improvements in AM/3D metal processes. While cost reductions can be realized by monitoring scrap fractions, the cost and efficiency benefits can be accelerated with the addition of melt pool diagnosis and alert technology that provides much better ROI.

Specifically, we cover:
  • A review of an economics model for monitoring & diagnosis with realization of solid cumulative return on investment.
  • Examples of monitoring alerts and subsequent signature diagnosis using the PrintRite3D® and Coaxial Sensor technology.
  • The impact of specific types of anomalies on AM efficiency and economics.
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