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Part Health Module

Digital Quality Framework for AM Qualification and Standardization

Part Health

Gain Consistency Across Your Site and Supply Chain with:


A standard framework for in process-quality


Deep instant insight into your machine sensor data


A uniform format, analytics package, and reporting tool


Dashboard visualization view showing key real-time metrics

PrintRite3D Part Health – Melt Pool Data

  • Photodiode analytics for multiple wavelength ranges in on-axis process monitoring
  • Achieve 200Khz data acquisition speed via Sigma HW, Novanta Firefly, Materialise MCP and other partners. Others based on OEM HW
  • Enables closed loop control capabilities
  • SPC, graphical, and statistical views
  • 2D & 3D Visualization
    • High Fidelity
    •  Dimensional and Volumetric measurements
    • Voxel query for specific data
  • Production monitoring thresholding
  • Standards based quality reporting
  • Analytics can be applied to OEM based monitoring systems to provide standard comparison across machine fleets

About the PrintRite3D Part Health Module

The Part Health module standardizes melt pool data to standard H5 file format from:

  • Existing OEM systems (EOS, SLM, etc.)
  • Retrofit Sigma HW
  • Novanta Firefly3D
  • Integrated OEM partners with Sigma Hardware specs (DMG, Additive Industries, Aconity, etc.)

This data can be connected to other Machine Health and Process Health modules to enable sensor fusion. The Part Health module creates a machine learning and artificial intelligence home for melt pool data, correlates it to imported CT data, and opens up further connection points to pre and post process data. This data provided part specific quality information, which in turn can decrease part specific qualification time, decrease the need for post process inspection, and provide insight to early intervention decisions to improve machine OEE.

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