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Partner with Sigma Additive Solutions

PrintRite3D Solutions Enable Users of 3D Metal Additive Manufacturing Systems to Improve Quality, Reduce Costs and Increase Throughput.

  • Real-time defect detection
  • OEM brand-independent
  • Third-party quality assurance
  • Single, dual, quad laser systems

Boost Revenue and Join the Leading QA Quality Ecosystem

Sigma Additive Solutions has built its business on the principle of boosting additive manufacturing quality and part qualification through Radical Collaboration.

We know that teaming on technology leadership, quality standards and performance data benefits everyone in the industry, from end-user manufacturers and OEMS, to universities, research centers and standards organizations. Doing good by end-user manufacturers and the industry, also means doing good for our own company and partners in terms of revenue, market reach and customer satisfaction.

Sigma Labs Partner Program

We Offer Great Benefits to Partners in These Areas

Contract Manufacturers
Software Companies
Post-Production Firms
Standards Organizations
The PrintRite3D solution matches very well with our focus on quality and reproducibility, allowing our customers to benefit from reduced post-processing cost, and faster part qualification. We are very pleased with the strong partnership with Sigma, and are proud to be working with their industry leading PrintRite3D solution.
- Mark Vaes, CTO, Additive Industries

Partner with Sigma Additive Solutions and Join Notable Companies Like

Additive Industries
Sentient Science
Phillips Federal Division
Aconity 3D

Have Any Questions?

To learn more, or speak to a Partner Success Manager at Sigma Additive Solutions send us a note at or

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