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Partner with Sigma Additive Solutions, Inc.

We are the experts in AM monitoring and analytics.

Partner with Sigma Additive Solutions and Join Notable Companies Like

Additive Industries
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Align with the industry leader in real time AM quality assurance. Work with us so you can focus on what you do best.

We can help you deliver greater value and maximize ROI and confidence for your clients.

Our Partner Program includes hardware, software, training, sales and marketing support.

Differentiate your system from your competitors.

Utilize our QA technology and enable your teams to reach their objectives in their specific areas of expertise.

Build confidence among your sales teams by offering the most advanced technology together with your own systems and services.

Boost Revenue and Join the Leading QA Quality Ecosystem

Sigma Additive Solutions, Inc. has built its business on the principle of boosting additive manufacturing quality and part qualification through Radical Collaboration.

We know that collaborating on technology leadership, quality standards and performance data benefits everyone in the industry, from end-users and OEMS, to universities, research centers and standards organizations. Doing good by end-users and the industry, also means doing good for our own company and partners in terms of revenue, market reach and customer satisfaction.

We Offer Great Benefits to Partners in These Areas

Contract Manufacturers
Post-Production Firms
Standards Organizations

“I applaud Sigma for its transformation from Sigma Labs to Sigma Additive Solutions. While the
company spent years improving upon its roots as a significant player, it has been obvious
to our team that Sigma is poised to become a leading provider of quality solutions and data
pedigree that that solves key challenges to enable adoption of additive manufacturing at scale
across the value chain. We look forward to developing our strategic partnership with Sigma
Additive Solutions through a joint value proposition, to improve the economics and efficiency of
individual customers while seeking to accelerate the growth of the AM industry.”

Sven Ahluwalia-Hinrichs
Head of Technology Consulting - AMFG

“We are pleased to have Sigma Additive Solutions as a founding member of our AM CoE
Industry Consortium on Materials and Standardization (CMDS) and look forward to
collaborating on standardizing the best practices for materials data generation and creating,
curating, and managing the data needed to accelerate the industrialization and full adoption of
AM technologies. Sigma's focus on solutions could not come at a better time for the industry.”

Moshen Seifi, Ph.D., Vice President
Global Advanced Manufacturing Programs, ASTM

“Five months ago, we jointly announced that with Sigma technology integrated on our Control
Platform one of the most common roadblocks for manufacturers, interested in using metal
additive manufacturing for serial production, can be eliminated through a closed loop control.
This makes it possible for customers to leverage their expertise and take advantage of the
customization and localization benefits that AM provides.”

Bart van der Schueren, CTO

The PrintRite3D solution matches very well with our focus on quality and reproducibility, allowing our customers to benefit from reduced post-processing cost, and faster part qualification. We are very pleased with the strong partnership with Sigma, and are proud to be working with their industry leading PrintRite3D solution.

Ian Howe, CEO
Additive Industries

We at Aconity3D, believe that the Sigma Additive Solutions name more accurately reflects our recently announced collaboration which is focused on steadily increasing part quality enabling for further industrial applications of 3D metal printing, as well as the ability to create fascinating applications.

Dr. Yves Hagedorn, CEO

As a Sigma Additive Solutions Partner You Benefit From:

  • Special pricing
  • Sales and marketing support
  • Technical and sales training
  • Implementation support
  • Joint marketing and co-branding initiatives
  • Patented IP and the ability to enforce against competitors
  • Direct access to technical service and after-sales support

Our Partner Program supports your need for in-process quality assurance with industry-leading technology, tailored resources, services, and technical implementation.

Have Any Questions?

To learn more, or speak to a Partner Success Manager at Sigma Additive Solutions send us a note at or

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