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PrintRite3D Version 7.0

Interactive in-process quality assurance solution for the commercial and industrial Additive Metal sector.

Additive Manufacturing Just Got Better!

PrintRite3D provides data collection, inspection, feedback, and critical analysis in a platform-agnostic solution that can be installed as a retrofit to an existing machine and/or as a factory option from OEM suppliers. The system quickly discovers anomalies and combines machine learning alongside tried-and-true metrics reducing the need for, and the cost of, post-production QA testing – all while enabling a regulatory framework for compliance & traceability.

PrintRite3D has been known for years as the standard for AM quality, providing users with features like:

  • TED + TEP Quality Metrics
  • Meltpool Radiated Emissivity
  • Meltpool Temperature Measurement
  • Real-time Monitoring, Alerts and Reporting

Key New Features of PrintRite3D 7.0

Temperature Monitoring and Calibration:
Now includes a cooling rate enabling classification of crystalline structures and Celsius and Kelvin conversion.

Recoater Interaction Detection:
Provides greater diagnostic accuracy and faster than visual methods.

Machine Learning:
Customizes the detection toolkit by defining anomaly signatures that are unique to user machines, parts and builds scenarios. Alert operators when an occurrence frequency exceeds established thresholds.

Predictive Modeling: import ‘as-built’ conditions into analysis software to determine the effects of anomalies on part performance; a key step in establishing a “digital twin”.

Gain confidence in large builds by verifying weld integrity and metal quality in areas where lasers interact.

User Roles and Log In:
Control access to sensitive data and maintain traceability of actions for regulatory compliance.

Multiple Viewing Modes:
Statistical charts, 2D Layers, 3D Volume, and now introducing Multi-Axis view enabling XYZ views for advanced analysis of vertical x-sections.


Screenshots of the New 7.0 Features:

Manage and monitor entire production floor from one location.

Anomalies identified by machine learning; validated by TED, TED Sigma, TEP, TEP Sigma, and CT Scan.

Multiple Axis Workspace provides a familiar user interface to CT with improved diagnosis capabilities utilizing vertical sections.

3D Volume Workspace; Anomalies shown in red.

2D Slice Workspace; Anomalies shown in red box.

Anomaly identified by TEP analysis. Anomaly signature indicates delamination due to overheating.

Anomaly identified by TEP Sigma. Anomaly signature indicates STL tessellation defect.

Anomaly identified by TED [blue] (also shown in TED [orange]). Anomaly signature indicates an area of multiple lasers scans due to internal knife edge.

Benefits of PrintRite3D 7.0

Actionable knowledge of what is occurring inside your machine during the build process

  • Catch show-stopping anomalies early
  • Make fixes-on-the-fly – adjust process parameters to correct errors
  • Terminate unrecoverable builds to conserve consumables and machine time 
  • Observe status and quality of all builds running on the production floor

Increased productivity with:

  • Higher throughput
  • Better OEE
  • Improved process consistency
  • Optimization of AM processes to balance productivity with part quality

A significant step toward the promises of Industry 4.0

  • Machine learning
  • Predictive modeling
  • Automation leading to less reliance on man-in-loop

Reduce risk of part failure

  • Build quality by design (QBD) into your parts and processes
  • Gain trust in your AM technology
  • Measure quality with proven industry standards

Save costs and time on your parts and production runs

  • Fewer pre-production trials
  • Eliminate time and money spent on corrective post processes
  • Monitoring real-time reduces reliance on CT
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