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Process Health Module

Beta program is open to OEMs and end-users
throughout 2023.

Process Health

About The Process Health Module

Across the additive industry the most common modes of failure are easy to identify, if someone could watch the build for the entire duration. In Laser Power-Bed applications these defects are all visible in the powder spread. Effects such as short feeds, streaking, chatter, super elevations, etc. occur at the build plane and can be found by looking in the process window. Aside from lack of focus, and other sources of human error, in production environments it is financially irresponsible to have a human watch the entire build process for every machine.

The PrintRite3D® Process Health® Module solves this problem by having a computer watch the build and inform the operator when things are going awry. Most machines on the market ship with OEM cameras. By connecting to a visible or thermal camera, PrintRite3D can see directly into the build process.

Whether you need a camera supplied by Sigma, or have access to one on your machines, we have you covered. Through a straightforward connection and setup process you can begin streaming images back to the Process Health Module for analysis. Applying image-recognition based machine learning provides consistent judgement by comparing the build plane back to a constant and known baseline removes inconsistent conclusions provided by humans.

This is even more applicable to manufacturing environments with a multitude of machine types. Regardless of machine make/model, each individual defect type presents itself in a similar manner.

Process Health Module Features

Built upon our robust PrintRite3D monitoring and analytics technology, Process Health Module is part of an integrated framework for connecting and standardizing camera-based image, machine- log file, and melt-pool part data into a cohesive product suite.


Dashboarding – Critical to quality (CTQ) metrics

  • Quick look summary of key metrics
  • For individual builds or your machine fleet

Evaluation – Access and monitor real time and historical data

  • Visible and Thermal Camera support for image-based defect detection
  • Training sets offer standards-based definitions for a defect detection library
  • Interrogate builds in real time or post-build
  • Identify Special and Common Cause variations using standard analytic run rules

Monitor Trends – Build-to-build or machine-to-machine

  • Compare trends throughout production runs and across your fleet
  • Translation of analytics, visualization, and reporting data into machine-agnostic ISO/ASTM standard
  • Utilizes 3rd party machine learning and artificial intelligence approaches


  • Receive real time alerts when a variation is detected
  • Customizable CTQ metrics boil down to Pass/Fail

Sensor Fusion – Communicates with other sigma modules for holistic quality

  • Correlates with layerwise machine health data
  • Pixel correlation between cameras and melt pool data to determine root cause
  • Quantify deviations using statistical modeling

Automated Quality Reporting

  • Simplified and customized with your CTQ metrics
  • Auto-populate your regulatory requirements

Open Architecture

  • Your data is your data
  • Easily exported raw or analyzed data sets

Work with Us

Please contact us for more information and to explore the benefits of Process Health or other additive quality assurance solutions.

Note that the Beta program is open to OEMs and end users until Date, 2023. If you are interested, fill out the contact form or email us at

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