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Process Health Module

A powerful monitoring solution for solution for identifying defects in the powder bed.​

Part of the Digital Quality Framework for AM Qualification and Standardization​

Process Health

Identify Powder Bed Defects with on-board Camera


Lines parallel to recoat motion.


Lines perpendicular to recoat motion.


Material raised above the powder bed.


Particles ejected from the melt-pool.

Short Feed

Insufficient coverage on the powder bed.

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About The Process Health Module

Process Health is a camera-based powder bed monitoring solution that accurately identifies the largest causes of build failures and major quality. This state-of the-art software utilizes existing off-axis camera hardware paired with machine learning and image recognition to identify the overwhelming majority of build failure causes. Process Health can identify issues such as streaking, chatter, protrusions, and short feeds in real-time, removing the need for active human oversight during the build process. Ongoing machine learning training (active learning) allows users to add and refine defects specific to their parts and processes. With each defect type customized to unique alerting criteria, Process Health can provide a comprehensive analysis of powder bed disturbances, enabling quick identification of non-conformities and preventing build failures.

Key Features:

  • Real-time monitoring and automated defect detection
  • Customized alerting criteria for each defect type
  • Z-connectivity filters analysis to target defects that span multiple layers, removing self-healing defects and false-positives
  • Comprehensive reporting and data-driven insights into production processes
  • Enhance confidence via sensor fusion with additional PrintRite Modules
Process Health

Import and analyze image stacks agnostic to machine type.​
Accepts: live feed via network or OPC UA, .png, …​

Monitor Print Quality and Accelerate Validation

Improve Quality Control

Upgrade QA and reduce waste with real-time monitoring and automated defect detection.

Save Time and Money

Reduce reliance on manual inspections and increase efficiency in the production process.

Quick Start

Seamlessly integrate with existing hardware and customize alerting criteria for each defect type.

Optimize Performance

Gain comprehensive insights into production processes and optimize them for maximum performance.

Core Capabilities

Optimize additive manufacturing operations with standardized, data-driven insights for improved machine performance and quality assurance.​


Auto-Detection– streamlined hands free identification of build killing defects ​

  • Reducing operator involvement eliminates human error and bias
  • Increases consistency and reliability with objective machine judgment
  • Early intervention capability enables timely corrective actions

OEM independent – works across industrial AM machines and materials​

  • Connect to existing machine tool infrastructure​
  • OPC UA complicitly reads data directly from your machine​
  • Analyze data streaming from currently installed sensor suites

Comprehensive Evaluation – assess and monitor production deficiencies​

  • Image-based defect detection locates major build killing defect within the build plane​
  • Training sets offer standards-based definitions for a defect detection library​
  • Interrogate builds in real time or post-build​
  • Identify Special and Common Cause variations using standard analytic run rules
Trend Monitoring

Trend Monitoring – Identify changes and improve predictability​

  • Evaluate part-to-part, build-to-build, or machine-to-machine​
  • Compare trends throughout production runs and across your fleet​
  • Identify patterns to anticipate and prevent failures​
  • Monitor long-term trends to optimize process parameters

Dashboarding – Critical to quality (CTQ) metrics

  • Quick look summary of key metrics​
  • For individual builds or your machine fleet

Acceptance Criteria –thresholds for production​

  • Receive real time alerts when variation of quality metrics are detected​
  • Defined quality limits ensure consistency and repeatability​
  • Customizable CTQ metrics boil down to Pass/Fail

Quality Reporting – automated records for regulatory compliance reporting​

  • Simplified and customized formats with your CTQ metrics​
  • Auto-populate to meet your regulatory requirements​
  • Provides transparency, accountability, and a complete audit trail for quality control

Sensor Fusion – communicates with other PrintRite3D modules for holistic quality​

  • Correlates with layerwise machine health data​
  • Pixel correlation between cameras and melt pool data to determine root cause​
  • Quantify deviations using statistical modeling

Open Architecture – full control over the data​​

  • Your data is your data​
  • Easily exported raw or analyzed data sets​
  • Customizable data management and security

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