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Research, Development + Production:
PrintRite3D® Solves Your Problem
Improving the quality of your 3D metal parts is your goal. And ours.

PrintRite3D® is the most accurate, comprehensive and reliable quality assurance solution for additive manufacturing of precision metal parts.

An independent study using PrintRite3D® showed:

  • Process consistency and improved product quality
  • Out-of-spec equipment conditions
  • Ability to use the software for certification of the process and product
  • Savings in time, money and materials

Don’t just take our word for it. See PrintRite3D® in action on your project. Here’s how the program works:

  • Continue to the next step to see PrintRite3D application examples specific to your area of intended use
  • Sign up for our limited time custom software test and evaluation program
  • Send us your part design or work with our engineer to design a custom test part
  • We’ll print your part and collect the in-process quality data
  • A Sigma Labs application engineer will provide training and support
  • Remotely access and use the software with your part data for 14 days
Take the next step in your quality journey. Then submit your part design for PrintRite3D® analysis in your exclusive trial.

Tell us about your process.

    What is your main quality challenge?
    Machine-related: Power, speed, hatch, recoater interaction, gas flow, etc.Process-related: Porosity, lack of fusion, inclusions, cracking, etc.

    What Sector are you in?

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