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PrintRite3D® for Production

PrintRite3D’s statistical process control module provides trend charting part-to-part, layer-to-layer and build-to-build. Clear visual indications and automatically generated alerts notify the user of out-of-spec conditions. Click on the image to enlarge.

PrintRite3D’s real-time production dashboard displays visual red/yellow/green indications of all your printer performance on one screen. The PrintRite3D real-time process cycle shows raw data through analysis, defect detection and alert generation. Click on the image to enlarge.

PrintRite3D automatically identifies process anomalies based upon user defined thresholds and alerts the user to the size, location and type as shown in the above example for a severe overheating porosity defect. Click on the image to enlarge.

See and Analyze 3D-Printed Parts While They’re Being Made

PrintRite3D® accurately identifies the size and position of anomalies using patented quality metrics. Production engineers can use this revolutionary application as a new quality measurement to supplement other measurements, like CT scanning.

Watch and see.

PrintRite3D’s patented quality metrics Thermal Emission Density (TED) and Thermal Emission Planck (TEP) are used to quantify machine process changes as well as the thermal signatures of process defect.

Better Understand Production Issues in Real Time.

As you’ve seen, PrintRite3D® allows engineers to better understand production issues when they arise. Rather than results after the fact like conventional, expensive inspection methods, PrintRite3D® immediately and in real time analyzes parts. While they’re being made.

More Efficient. Less Costly. The PrintRite3D Advantage.

Use less metal powder, reduce machine time and scrap and increase yield with PrintRite3D®. You can optimize the design of support structures upon which parts are built, too. Minimize material waste, save time and more using PrintRite3D®.

We’re so confident that the PrintRite3D system will improve your AM operations, we’re offering a limited custom software test program:

  • Send us your part design and powder (if desired)
  • We’ll print your part and collect the in-process quality data
  • A Sigma Labs application engineer will train and support you
  • Access the software with your part data for 14 days
Start your PrintRite3D® custom test program now. Fill out the form and we’ll contact you with pricing and other details.

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