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PrintRite3D® for Research & Development

Use PrintRite3D to show parameter changes and their effects such as the above shown parameter change induced anomaly. Click on the image to enlarge.

Visualize anomalies and process disturbances using PrintRite3D’s powerful visualization tools in 2D and 3D. Shown here are defects extending across multiple layers of the printed part. Click on the image to enlarge.

Reduce Trial and Error, Improve Parameter and Material Development and Design Validation

Additive manufacturing today leaves skilled practitioners with little insight into the process. PrintRite3D® gives in-process feedback and understanding about AM process quality.

PrintRite3D® identifies the size and position of anomalies, allowing for quick and efficient changes to part designs and process parameters. Watch and see.

Explore an example of defect analysis for lack of fusion and keyholing conditions using PrintRite3D’s within-part bounding box thresholding for a defined volume area.

Better Understand Research Issues in Real Time.

As you’ve seen, PrintRite3D® accurately identifies the size and position of anomalies. Rather than results after the fact like conventional, expensive inspection methods, PrintRite3D® provides thermal mapping of the process and its effect on parts, materials, parameters and quality conditions. Complete thermal profiling is a critical element for any research and development application.

Optimize the design of support structures upon which parts are built, too. Minimize material waste, save time and money using PrintRite3D®.

We’re so confident that the PrintRite3D® system will improve your AM operations, we’re offering a limited custom software test program:

  • Send us your part design and powder (if desired)
  • We’ll print your part, collecting the in-process quality data
  • A Sigma Labs applications engineer will provide training and support
  • Access and use the software with your part data for 14 days

More Efficient. Less Costly. The PrintRite3D® Advantage.

Start your PrintRite3D® custom test program now. Fill out the form and we’ll contact you with pricing and other details.

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