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What’s In a Name? Sigma Additive Solutions and 3D Printing Technology

A week ago, we announced that we are now operating as Sigma Additive Solutions. This move reflects the evolution of Sigma from its origins as a laboratory engaged in research and development of 3D metal printing technology – into a solutions provider focused on helping its customers and OEM partner providers use a standard set of patented quality metrics across 3D printing technology from different manufacturers, using different processes, for both metal and polymer parts.

To sum up what the evolution and our new name means, we have been transitioning


Licensed pricing model
3D metals
Single point solution


Easy subscription model
3D metals plus polymers
Tightly-integrated with OEM and MES providers

Media Excitement and Website Traffic Growth

Accordingly, our team was gratified by the large amount of media attention. The announcement generated a huge growth in website traffic (up 75%).  As a result, this showed that lots of people in the additive manufacturing industry are paying attention.

In addition, we especially loved what some of our great partners had to say about our evolution.

“We at Aconity3D, believe that the Sigma Additive Solutions name more accurately reflects our recently announced collaboration.  To illustrate more, this means a focus on steadily increasing part quality enabling for further industrial applications of 3D metal printing, as well as the ability to create fascinating applications.” Dr. Yves Hagedorn, CEO of Aconity3D.

“Five months ago, we jointly announced that Sigma technology would be integrated on our Control Platform.  Therefore, one of the most common roadblocks for manufacturers, interested in using metal additive manufacturing for serial production, can be eliminated through a closed loop control. To be specific, this makes it possible for customers to leverage their expertise and take advantage of the customization and localization benefits that AM provides.” Bart van der Schueren, CTO of Materialise.

“I applaud Sigma for its transformation from Sigma Labs to Sigma Additive Solutions. The company has spent years improving upon its roots as a significant R&D player. It has been obvious to our team that Sigma is poised to become a leading provider of quality solutions and data pedigree. Whereas, that solves key challenges to enable adoption of additive manufacturing at scale across the value chain.” Sven Ahluwalia-Hinrichs, Head of Technology Consulting at AMFG

Sigma’s CEO, Jacob Brunsberg, explained the reasoning behind the new naming succinctly,

“Our company’s decision to operate as Sigma Additive Solutions is an acknowledgement of the progress the Sigma team has made in creating the quality standard in Additive Manufacturing. For some time, we have been working with customers, OEMs and standards organizations to remove the quality barrier through advanced meltpool monitoring and analytics.”

As always, let us know if we can help you in any way. Just send an email to or fill out the contact form.

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